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Many interesting getaways are possible around the Quinta. Definitely worth the effort are the cities Guimarães, Porto, and Braga. There are also beautiful national parks in the north-west of Portugal.


This is the place of birth of Alfonso Henriques, the first King of Portugal, and is seen as the cradle of Portugal.
It is on Unesco’s World Heritage list. Many nice restaurants can be found on the medieval square and the castle is worth a visit as well. You can also endlessly shop and stroll through the beautiful streets with their special Portuguese buildings and houses. The city is mainly known as a student city.


This is a harbour city known for its port wine and port dungeons. It is the second biggest city of Portugal and its historic centre is also on Unesco’s World Heritage list. Porto is a lively city with much to offer.
You can go on a trip in one of the formerly transport boats at the Ribeira that used to transport the wine from the Douro-region to Porto. A hop-on hop-off bus brings you along many sights. The indoor market Bolhão is also certainly worth a visit.


Braga was founded more than 2000 years ago by emperor Augustus and is located at one of the most important Romanian connection roads of the Iberian Peninsula and now is a lively student city. Braga is an important religious centre where the Festas da Semana Santa and the feasts of São João are the absolute highlights. Besides the Tesouro-Museu da Sé, the Museu dos Biscainhos is also worth a visit, with remains from the Romanian era. You can easily walk through the historic centre to visit the many churches, the typical houses, and the historic buildings. Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês is also in the vicinity.

Sportive activities

Numerous sportive activities are also possible in the vicinity, such as walking, paragliding, riding, canoeing, and mountain biking.

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